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About Mission Happiness

MISSION HAPPINESS Divine (P) ltd. metaphysically ordained in heaven, but as a Pharmaceutical company born in June -1986, as STANFORD LABS (P) ltd New Delhi, got transformed into STANFORD BIOTECH (P) ltd, Jalandhar Punjab in 1998 and now from the last several years, Mission Happiness, is the name, path and destination of a Divine Life Sciences platform.

Apart from the heavenly blessings of ancestors and parents MRS. MAMTA SURI is the vibrant force and inspiration behind this flowering and flourishing school of developing and expanding Divine values being served by MR. K.B SURI and also being orchestrated by a pure, innocent bud MANAN SURI.

Keeping in view the lofty goal and in order to keep the level of ego at virtually zero scale the divine designation imparted to the above persons are also helping in carving out a Divine path.

In Professional, commercial, emotional and spiritual association with Shri Anil Bhaskar, as Veer Jee, who is looking after the production of high quality Divine products through three upscale factories at Sansarpur Terrace, Distt. Kangra , H.P and ably assisted by his two sons, Karan Bhaskar and Bhuwan Bhaskar and of course navigated by (MRS.) Rashi Bhaskar based at Jalandhar.