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Quality Control

There are always two scales of lift. The lower one is of vested interest denoted by we win situation. The higher perspective is of universe interest denoted by you win, we win, all win – situation.

Since the business of medicines is a highly sensitive as well as critical domain, because the lives of sick and poor persons are at stake, so at Mission Happiness, only the best available raw material is procured and processed through latest techniques, thus delivering the best products at least prices.

Liquid products like Ibumax Suspension, Rewin syrup, Hapycid M.H suspension and hapyliv syrup and many others are prepared using minimum sugar and maximum sorbitol, thereby manifesting marvelous quality of homogeneity and viscosity.

When the taste buds of the poor patients are given royal treatment, the mind enables the body to absorb the medicines rapidly and completely, thus ensuring superb results.

Similarly in tablet section, like Ibumax tablet, opul range tablet and hapygesic range of Analgesic compounds the dispersion and dissolution are of superlative class, thereby ensuring fastest onset of Action with least side effect as Gastric disturbances e.t.c.

Herbal products like Refur Shampoo + conditioner, hair tonic oil, Anti-wrinkle cream, Rewin B.T (Brain Tonic) and Hemofit D.C (Diabetic Care) are products of high grade compositions at divine prices. When the patients are happy our honor is assured.