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Our Facilities

At Mission Happiness divine intentions derive us for the emotional, intellectual, physical, financial, and official upliftment of all associates, therefore incentives and encouragements in cash and kind are regularly offered. Dresses and attires are provided to the associates as per the weather conditions. On festivals, birthday, marriage anniversary days, celebrations are marked by feasting and offering gifts. Financial emotional and professional help us rendered to purchases houses, to all the mission members.

A inspiring instruments, even cars, motorbikes are conferred on sciences and successful associates enjoyable and religious troops are organized for the associates at regular intervals to expose them to the deeper and higher realities of life.

Spiritual life in the form of books, video and audio CD's are available in plenty and are used daily for all members to express vast dimensions of divine life. A very popular and educative, Inner voice is circulated not among the doctors but among all the sections of society to throw light on the real purpose of life.

Similarly times of India speaking tree, life positive, magazine and other journals are regularly provided and promoted to glance and guide in to the vast realms of divine life sciences.