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Manufacturing Unit

Mission Happiness is blessed with two manufacturing units situated at Sansarpur Terrace, Dist Dharamshala in H.P (Himanchal Pradesh). The Location itself is surrounded in Divinity as both the adjoining buildings are constantly protected by Divine Vibrations from a GURUDWARA and a TEMPLE.

Both the factories are equipped with latest machines and gadgets, as per highest Standards, earmarked by the drug regulations.

Tablets, capsules, liquid orals, ointment, oil and liniments, eye and ear drops undertake stringent measures to produce highly meritorious, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, herbals and food supplements.

Those in charge of controlling the production, including manufacturing chemists, analytical chemists and others are not only highly competent, but they all take out their heart while operating and functioning ,because they are not treated as employees, but as family members ,highly respectable personalities and loving souls. Thus there is no union activity or any other sort of emotional disruption. Thus very pious and positive and loving vibrations are mingled into the molecules of the raw material and finished products.