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Corporate Office

Our Corporate office is situated in Bareilly with all modern infrastructure facilities. We are having total strength of 100 employees working in different process of Product management, Sales & Marketing, Quality Assurance, Production & Planning, Purchase, Field Administration & Human Resource development.

Divine Campus

God's grace can be easily and magnificently feet in the shape of a beautiful, impression divine campus of Mission Happiness. A four storied uniquely designed building, having two outlets and a well maintained garden, and comforts and glory to the inmates of Mission Happiness, and all the visitors to campus feel and share as uncommon expense of out of the tranquility the world. Divine angles and godly spirits are invoked continuously by keeping the each block of the campus, Absolutely clean and tidy. Fitted with world class electronic gadgets, it is nothing less than a surprise for the visitors and go awestruck, while roaming around the various section of the campus.

Separately science of living, science of loving and science of leaving blocks, cast their aroma of soothing and sublime divine fragrance.

Shoes are kept outside in a decent way, so the entire campus building is free of any unhygienic element. Peace and calm prevail in plant, because the while color of wake, punctuated with clean glasses are surrounded by just green plants.

A terrace garden on the top floor leaves a mock of awe and joy among, the inmates and visitors. Eating and reading space are well defined and kept in uppermost neat conditions.