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Vision Mission

Mission happiness has enshrined Divine Vision of evolution and expansion of soul consciousness in the society.

As today’s scenario is depicting a despondent picture of illusionary happiness prevailing all around, with more and more financially rich families drifting apart emotionally, resulting into sentimental bankruptcy.

There has to be an equilibrium between materialism and Spiritualism. After experimenting and experiencing ourselves, we at Mission Happiness are attempting to acquaint the masses particularly learned and elite class, about the fine art of blending materialism with spiritualism.

The concepts of God this worldly life and after life of soul, are being made simpler and worth implementing, before the perishing of physical body.

The relationship between religion and spirituality is also being easily defined, so that the purpose of enjoying a true and triumphant life is achieved.

The Divine products of Mission Happiness are qualitatively excellent and still 30% - 40% costing lesser for patients as compared to other good and established brands because along with profits we are inclined to earn sins, arising out of curses of poor patients. Rather the blessings of poor and sick persons are adding the prime source of our growth with dignity and Divinity.